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2008-06-29 18:20:26 by BBQSandwich

Sooooooo I'm going to do a collab with smdskata and it's going to be cool!
So stay tuned for our first collab!
Superb! :D


2008-06-24 12:21:08 by BBQSandwich

w00t, I made myself a new picture, icon and even my first BBS signature :D
If you don't like it, don't tell me cause I do and I'm not going to change it,
if you think it's cool, TELL ME :D
Also I want to thank YoungAndWise for helping me out with my icon
(when I saved it in .gif format the colours @$(*% up, but he helped me :D)


2008-06-18 16:01:35 by BBQSandwich

I just made a song, and rendered it, I listened to it, wanted to improve some stuff and then I realized I accidentally didn't save the @)$%^(% song! GODDAMMIT! I only rendered it as a mp3 file so that sucks as well, AAAAAAARGH! SO FRUSTRATED!
Well, there's only one thing to do: Lets remake that song *sigh*...

No flash but a song

2008-06-10 16:25:35 by BBQSandwich

I said I was going to make a flash, but I didn't feel like making a movie anymore so I made a song and submitted it, it should be online soon.

First Flash

2008-05-25 12:53:44 by BBQSandwich

I don't expect anyone to read this but it will make my account look better :D

I'm currently working on my first flash:
The traveller, inspired by the song from cornandbeans, it's almost finished so it will be up soon (hop it doesn't get blammed :S) Its not long, only 30 seconds or so but i think it's ok.