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2008-06-18 16:01:35 by BBQSandwich

I just made a song, and rendered it, I listened to it, wanted to improve some stuff and then I realized I accidentally didn't save the @)$%^(% song! GODDAMMIT! I only rendered it as a mp3 file so that sucks as well, AAAAAAARGH! SO FRUSTRATED!
Well, there's only one thing to do: Lets remake that song *sigh*...


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2008-06-22 07:17:20

That sucks.
I always save stuff every 5 seconds... even when im writing something down on paper or something, i reach across and try to press Ctrl+S and then realise im not using a computer.

BBQSandwich responds:

lol that must be annoying xD


2008-06-22 14:36:01

Start all over again - oh man, that would be such a huge hit to my work ethic; I guess if you remake it though, it may be better in the end.

BBQSandwich responds:

Yeah it will be better I think, esspecially the piano, but i'm bussy with school this week (doing the last bits to get finished :D) and then I've got all the time to make more music :P